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With our step by step videos you can learn to dance some of the most popular dance styles including Ballroom, Latin, Belly dance, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap dance, Irish step dancing and more. We have lots of free online dance lessons available here for you. We also offer recommended products along the way that will help you learn how to dance even faster.

The best way to get started is to choose the style of dance you are most interested in below:

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Ballroom and Latin dance lessons
This dance style is perfect for those of you who like to dance with a partner. Our videos will teach you all of the popular dances including: Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Swing,Tango, Waltz, Merengue and more. With our dance videos you will learn the proper footwork, timing, leading and following skills and more.
Learn Ballroom and Latin dancing

How to dance hip hop

Hip Hop Dance Lessons
Learn to dance Hip Hop today! Hip hop originated in the 1960’s and made popular by street dancers. Now days, hip hop has many styles within it including: popping, locking, break dancing and more. Students of this dance form love the freedom in expression they get from letting their bodies feel the music. Our videos will teach you awesome moves that you can use right away.
Learn how to dance hip hop

How to dance online Belly dancing lessons
Belly dancing has roots from Asia to Africa and the Middle East. There are lots of body isolations with emphasize on the feet, hips, stomach areas. Lots of current pop idols incorporate belly dancing moves into their choreography. You will learn how to dance it all with our videos.
Watch Belly dancing videos

Ballet terms Ballet Dance Lessons
Ballet dancing is the most classical form of dancing there is. It is defined by clean foot, arm and body lines. Ballet dancers combine flexibility and strength in order to create graceful movements – with focus on proper technqiue. Our videos will teach you some of the most popular Ballet movements.
Ballet dancing videos

irish step dancing lessons Irish Step Dancing lessons
You probably have learned about Irish step dance from popular shows like Riverdance or Lord of the Dance. It is the ‘National Dance of Ireland’ and it is characterized by rigid upper body posture with lots of footwork (steps) performed by feet and legs. It is a style that requires excellent coordination and musicality.
Watch Irish dancing videos

Tap Dance Lessons Online
Tap dancing originated from African dancers performing in front of white Americans in the 1800’s. They would use their feet to create intricate rhythms and beats by stomping, shuffling, brushing and scooping. One of the notable dancers was William Henry Lane (1825 – 1852), known as “Master Juba”. He innovated Tap dancing into what it is today.
Tap Dance Lessons

Learn to dance quickly and easily!

Once you choose the dance style you want to focus on, you can learn to dance immediately by going through the moves of your choice at your own pace, from the privacy of your home.

Our dance videos will teach you everything you need to know including the timing, footwork, partnering, styling and technique. The best way to watch our videos is to close all of the other windows on your PC (no distractions), make some space available, and try out the moves step by step with us. Pause, Rewind and Fast forward at anytime!

Featured Dance Studio:

Leon’s Dance Center in Boston MA
Learn how to dance Ballroom and Latin with group and private dance lessons. This studio offers competitive and social dance programs for adults and kids in Boston area.
Learn Ballroom Dancing in Boston MA