Online Tap dance lessons

Learn how to tap dance dance with the best online Tap dance lessons for beginners. You will learn everything from the beginning and your instructor will break everything down to the bone. This video is full of exercises and lots of angles to make sure you can get everything from home.

Basic Tap dancing foundation video:

This video is the first lesson you should watch because you are going to learn the most basic Tap steps. First you are going to learn how to tap your toes only. Then you will learn to use your heels. Lastly you will point the leg to the side and do some side tow taps. At the end the instructor will show you how doing these moves in sequence can look.

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Beginner Tap dance mini-course:
The following are some of the most used basic steps in Tap dancing today. Watch them in order and try them at home.

Stomp Versus Stamp video lesson:
Here is a great lesson showing the difference between the Stop and Stamp steps. These two moves are very popular and are present in many combinations.

Brush and a Scuff in Tap Dance:
You will learn the brush and scuff moves in this video. Remember that one is using the toe and one is using the heel. Practice with the video below!

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How to do shuffles:
Here is a tutorial on how to do a very popular basic Tap step. You can use this step with many different timings. You can do full beats or do a syncopated timing.

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How to do clicks in Tap dancing:

Learn this move by sitting down on a chair first because it will help your balance. You can do a jump with a click and make sort of a “horse walk sound” – which is really cool.

Extra Tap dancing Tips

1. Buy Tap dance shoes – If you are serious about learning how to Tap dance you need to get the proper shoes. It will speed up your learning progress and give you the real feeling right away.

2. Master the Rhythm of your moves – Tap dancing is one of the most rhythmical styles of dance so you need to make sure you hone down the timing of every single move you are learning. Without timing, your technique won’t improve.

3. Find fluidity in your ankles – The key is to make dancing look fun and easy. Therefore, it is important that you don’t keep your ankles and knees locked up. You need to relax them and let them be free in order to tap dance.

We hope you enjoyed this free beginner series on how to tap dance. Please leave a comment below if you liked these videos. To learn other dance styles visit our online dance lessons page.

Extra Tap dancing Tips

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