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In the meantime check out the best dance lessons online products:

The Best Online Dance Lessons Products (Free & Paid):

Latin & Ballroom online lessons:

Recommended Product: Video Training
For those who want the very best step by step instruction, you need to check out where you can get access to over 80+ video lessons. Each of the video breaks down the footwork, timing and provides extra tips. Once you become a member you will get unlimited access to everything.

Hip Hop online lessons:
Recommended Product:
Hip Hop Basics & Beyond Videos
This hip hop video training is available as a download or a DVD. You can learn the most iconic Hip Hop moves of our time including Dougie, The Shuffle, Biz Markie, Stanky Leg, The Freak, and even the Moon Walk! These moves are broken down step by step. No experience necessary... no long and complicated routines. If you can account to 4 and follow simple instructions, then you can quickly become one of the best dancers in the club.

Belly Dancing lessons online
Recommended Product:
Belly Dancing Video Course
The entire program consists of over 50 videos with a total runtime of 8 hours, systematically teaching all major types of belly dance steps and combinations that leaves nothing to the imagination. It's the most jam-packed and intensive belly dancing course you'll ever experience.

Ballet dance lessons online
Recommended Product:
Guide To Ballet E-Book
This E-book will teach you the proper technique of doing Ballet. It highlights common errors and gives practical ways to fix them. Detailed Movement Guide - From Plié to Pirouette, Sur le Coup de Pied, Arabesque, Battement Tendu, Glissé, Jetté to Developpé and Grande Battement. Also includes audio and video resources. Get your today and start improving your dancing.

Irish dance lessons online
Recommended Product:
Irish Dance Master Class
This DVD is perfect for those of you who want to learn Irish step dancing from beginning. All of the moves are broken down slowly and thoroughly. Jean does a great job at explaining all of the technical details. For those of you who are a bit beyond the beginners stage, this video will give you some great technique drills that you can do at home at your own pace. There are lots of stretches included too!
Welcome to the's FREE online dance lessons! These online dance lessons will teach you the basic dance steps and styling for the dance style you choose. Just click on a dance style below and in no time you will be up and off the couch, and enjoying the wonderful health benefits of taking dance lessons. Click here to watch the Basic Elements video clip. Having trouble with the video clips? Check your browser settings.







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Dance Lesson Videos

Ballroom Dance Position  Argentine Tango  Ballroom Dancing  Belly Dance  Breakdance   Cha Cha Side Basic  Country/Western 2-Step  Country/Western Cha Cha   Foxtrot   Freestyle_Dancing  

Hip-Hop Latin Basic Foot Action Latin Dancing  Line Dancing  Mambo   Rumba   Salsa   Slow Dancing   Swing   Ballroom Tango   Tap   Waltz   More coming soon...



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