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In our free online Tango dance lessons below you will learn how to dance the most basic steps that are essential for the Tango. When you are learning the steps be sure to really understand the timing of each move as well as the technique you are using. These videos are from Passion4dancing’s dance training which you can visit here: http://www.passion4dancing.com. There you will find a lot more lessons available for Tango, Ballroom and other Latin styles.

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How to count the Tango (Quick introduction):
The way you count the tango is Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow (S,S,Q,Q,S). The slow is 2 beats and the quick is 1 beat of music. You need to fill out the timing very well so that you can show a real difference between the slow and quick counts.

Lesson #1: Tango basic step:
The basic step consists of three forward walks, followed by a side step and lastly a drag step. The drag step is when one leg closes to the other leg without changing weight.

Lesson #2: Curved basic step (to the left):
Now you will learn how to turn the basic step you learned on one spot. This move is great because it allows you to move around the other couples who may be in your way.

Lesson #3: The back Corte:
In this step you will learn how to do a very nice shaping move. The man will lunge back on his left leg and shape the ladies over their right legs. The ladies can bend their shoulders and necks back as much as they want to create the illusion of a back bend.

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