How to Waltz Dance Online – Waltz Steps For beginners

The 3 free online Waltz lessons below will teach you how to Waltz step by step. We will show you how to do the box step – which is the most fundamental basic step, then in the second step we will show you how to turn the box step on one spot. Finally the third lesson will teach you how to do the Slow underarm turn in the Waltz dance. These moves are a great start for beginners!

FREE Beginner Waltz mini-video course:

Introduction to the timing of Waltz:
The way you count the Waltz is 1,2,3 – 1,2,3. The Waltz has a strong accent on count 1, so most figures start on that count. All the beats in the Waltz are equal and the tempo is usually slow.

Lesson #1: Waltz basic step dance lesson:
This is the box step, which is the most fundamental dance step in the Waltz. To learn this step you just need to imagine you have a box in front of you and then you going to step on the corners of the box. You will also get a good demonstration of the “rise and fall” technique which is used through out the Waltz.

Lesson #2: The box step turning to the left – Waltz Step
Now we will take the same box you learned above and we’ll show you how to turn it around on one spot. It is imperative that you have mastered the regular box step (the lesson above) before you try to turn it.

Lesson #3: The Slow Underarm turn in Waltz
You have already learned the basics, now let’s spice it up with the slow underarm turn for ladies. The great news for the guys is that your steps are still just the Waltz box steps, while leading the ladies into a turn. But for the ladies the steps are quite different so take your time to learn them.

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