Learn how to Breakdance for beginners

The following 5 videos will teach you how to breakdance step by step. We recommend that you watch these lessons in order as they are arranged from easiest to hardest. A word of caution, you must be careful hen you attempt these moves. Be sure to study the movements very carefully and slowly and then ease into them. Enjoy!

Learn break dance moves now:

Lesson #1: Top Rock
This is one of the foundational break dance moves. Here you will be doing a step forward across, followed by replacing back and then a side step to finish off. You can stylize this move in any way you want.

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Lesson #2: Footwork & Freezes in Breakdancing
Here is the 6-step basic movement which is essential for all beginners. You can take this step and do tons of variations with it. Then you want to throw in a freeze at the end to spice it up.

Lesson #3: Hand Spin/Handglide
Use one hand to anchor yourself to the floor and use the other arm to build momentum and push your whole body to turn in a circle.

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Lesson #4: Back Spin:
In this video you will learn how to do the backspin in break dance. Its not that difficult!

Lesson #5: Swipes:
These are essentially flips and are suited for advanced beginner to intermediate level dancers. First master the arms only and then coordinate them with the rest of your body.

History of Breakdancing:

Breakdancing was founded by the black community and Puerto Rican kids in the 1970s. And it really became popular after James brown’s single “Get On The Good Foot” where his busted out his high energy footwork dancing. After that, the kids in New york started to copy his moves and eventually it evolved to be called b-boy or break dancing. At that time most of the style was ground footwork combinations without any of the fancy stuff you see today like windmills or back spins that are popular today. There were also breakdancing battles between gangs or clicks.

Another dance called “uprock” influenced the b-boy dancers. In this dance style, the dancers mimic fighting moves into rhythmic dance moves that opponents would use to ‘battle’ against one another.

The music is not restricted to Hip Hop anymore. These days dancers choose Techno, Jazz, electronic, pop and an other types of music that suites their style.

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