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Week 9 Dancing With The Stars
Commentary by Phillip Stephens
Week 9 had some very interesting highlights in that Rod Stewart sang for us again, Max's formation group danced "Billie Jean" for us and Lionel Richie sang while the pro group danced.  Then we got to watch that fabulous group dance their version of "Jive" again.  I found it a rather nice juxtaposition with the "old style" Jitterbug moves put to rockin' pop disco music.  And I think we all enjoyed Tom Jones singing "It's Not Unusual" while the pro group performed.
Remember that this is week 14; also remember that each celebrity has now had at least 350 "lessons" if he has taken just 5 sessions per day for only 5 days each week.  Most are doing more than that.  Remember, too, that they are no longer doing NEW dances but are going back through dances they've already done.  From their own comments, I would venture to say that Mario, Emmett and Joey have had more like 400 lessons.  I bring this to your attention for one simple reason: We should see a definite improvement in the technical aspects of their dancing, things like showmanship, rhythmic movements, timing (and its intricacies), balance, footwork, arm (and leg & body) lines and so on. 
Two performances from each couple.  Each couple got to pick the dances they would do and the music to which they would dance.  They could use totally different choreography this time than they used before when performing these same dances.  So, combining comments about Ballroom and Latin performances for each couple, let's get down to business!  Also, since time is pressing, I will give comments about the Week 9 Results Show in this same mailing.
Mario Lopez chose Tango, a dance for which he got low marks in the first performance, and the Cha Cha, which was his very first dance and which he did extremely well both times.   
I think the Tango was far too intense on Mario's part, and that there was no interaction between him and Karina.  They danced their respective parts in close proximity to one another, but there was none of the eye contact and emotive facial expressions between them that is so typical of the Tango character.  Mario's head was pretty far forward, his upper back was somewhat rounded, and his frame/arm line looked strained.  Good leg lines take time to develop in this dance, but his were not any better in this performance than the last time he did Tango.  I definitely would not have given him more than 27 points for this dance, and was surprised that he got a "perfect" score. 
This Cha Cha was good, but not appreciatively better than his first Cha Cha.  He has had at least 200 additional lessons since that first performance, and I just couldn't see any substantive increase in the quality of his hip actions, body rhythm, footwork or timing.  As a couple, they were very well synchronized and were far more interactive than in the Tango and it looked like they were having a blast.  While it was a good performance, I think the judges are far too lenient at this point than they were earlier on in the series.  A 29 at this point in his "career" was too high for the product delivered.
Emmett Smith chose Cha Cha and Waltz, one he was good at to begin with and one he was weak in during his first performance.
Emmett's Waltz was better in many ways the second time around.  The music was much better, his rise and fall was stronger, his movement was greater and the choreography was difficult but well-suited to the music - and to Emmett - and the performance was more relaxed-looking.  I could see substantial improvements in every aspect of Emmett's dancing except his arm lines, and feel that he deserved all 29 points for this performance.
Emmett looked so relaxed and confident in his Cha Cha that it was difficult to notice the few faults - a couple of heel leads, knees turned out at times - he did display.  That was a very powerful performance - one that brought everyone in the audience into the dance, and Emmett and Cheryl definitely "Danced to the Music"!  A perfect score was fully merited for this one.
Joey Lawrence chose Quickstep and Rumba.  While he was better at the former, I fail to see why he chose to repeat the Rumba.  And dedicating the Quickstep to his grandfather was, in my opinion, a "grandstand" ploy to win votes. 
Though more relaxed in each of the past three weeks, Joey is still stiff and jerky-looking when he dances.  There was very little rise and fall in his Quickstep.  His posture was no better; his movement had not increased; his open work looked about the same as before. How the judges saw fit to give him 29 points for that performance is a mystery that probably only ABC and the show's producers could explain!
Joey's Rumba was nothing more than him wandering around the floor so he could pose near Edyta, who did all the dancing.  Even in basic actions like forward breaks or Opening Out to Right and Left, he had no hip action.  He was bouncy in the syncopated actions and, truthfully, I saw no real Rumba in his performance at all.  Just to be sure I hadn't missed anything while jotting down notes, I watched the Rumba a second time, and came to the same conclusion: There is no way he deserved 30 points for that performance.   His dancing was not on par with what either Mario or Emmett produced, and I never have seen what the judges are attacted to about his dancing.
The 3-way tie at the end of the program seemed somewhat "engineered" to me, and I feel that the judges must have received some sort of "orders" from headquarters to keep the suspense high on this one.  Do you think as I do that the producers are going for an all time high in the viewer count?
Results Show
The entertainment was good, and I was pleased to get to simply watch Mario and Karina dance their Tango again.  While I think it was good and clean, I was still disappointed that the Tango interaction so typical of the character of this dance and very much asked for by the "Whatever Lola Wants" title of this song! was missing altogether.  I think Mario must have been so focused on getting higher marks for this dance the 2nd time around that he and Karina overlooked this important aspect of the dance.
During the Slim-fast portion of the program, Tysonia did a good job with her Rumba at the Pacific DanceSport competition.  While they didn't show us enough of her actual dance, and no shots of the other couples for comparison, it was nice that she got 2nd place.  And did you notice that a teacher from The Dance Place Jason K was the Master of Ceremonies?  While we had nothing to do with those arrangements, we were pleased to be a small part of the program in a vicarious sort of way!
The Slim-fast sponsored "Dancing With The Stars" road tour is going to be fabulous!  I really enjoyed watching the group perform, and was very impressed with how well Lisa Rena held her own against those younger gals.  Her husband Harry Hamlin looked much more relaxed in this formation than he did while competing on the show and the whole group seems to have melded into a high-performance team.  If they get close to Houston, we may just have to organize a group to go and watch them.
Well, once again, the suspense and drama of presenting the results was drug out way too long.  In truth, I think the announcement of "who had the lowest score" was a bit cruel.  I think we could have figured that out if they had announced the 2nd couple going on to the finals, don't you?  As I expected, Joey was "excused" from further performances.  It was bittersweet to see him leave because he has worked hard for each routine.  I think his teacher should have focused a bit more on his basic technique and did him an injustice, but that was her choice and I was not there so don't really know if she did try to convey that aspect of dancing to him or not.
It will be interesting to see how tomorrow turns out.  Each couple will dance 3 times; 1 freestyle number, 1 dance of their own choosing, and 1 routine where they will each perform the same dance.  At first, I thought Mario was a sure thing to win this contest.  Now, I will not be at all surprised if Emmett wins.  And, if he does, it will be a very well-deserved testament to his accomplishment during these several months of hard work.
Happy Dancing
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Below is a list of the stars form the last show as well as the professional dancers. Click on a stars name below to learn more about the Dancing With The Stars, Stars.

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The list of Professional Dancers includes some repeat performers as Jonathan Roberts, Edyta Sliwinska, Louis van Amstel and Ashly Delgrosso all made the first trip around the floor.

They will be joined by Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Tony Dovolani, Cheryl Burke, Andrea Hale, Nick Kosovich and Anna Trebunskaya will dance for the first time.

These are some of the finest Professional Ballroom and Latin Dancers in the United States and I am sure that the show will be a great success.

So set your DVR to record the series. If it is half as good as last time you are gonna love it.



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