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Learn to hip hop dance online with our beginner Hip Hop dance videos. They are broken down into the most major Hip Hop dance categories such as general Hip Hop moves, Breakdancing, Popping and Hip Hop moves for kids.

If you enjoy these free hip hop dance lessons online and want to speed up your learning, check out our Hip Hop video courses which are available for streaming and downloading.

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hip hop dance videosHip hop dance moves
Learn hip hop dancing with general hip hop dance videos that would fit any popular hip hop music out there. These are moves that are done upright (as opposed to breakdancing) and require the coordination of legs, arms and torso. They include popular moves like the “two step”, “how to dougie” and “arm wave”. Use these hip hop moves in clubs, parties and any other social events.
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Breakdancing moves onlineBreakdancing moves
Learn how to break dance with these step by step videos. Break dancing is believed to have been originated roughly in 1969 when James Brown’s song “Get on the Good Foot” came out. People started imitating his quick, energetic footwork moves and eventually began placing more emphasis on groundwork with stylized leg movements, commonly known as “downrock”. Then it developed into hand glides, freezes and head spinning. Learn break dancing moves today!
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online hip hop dance lessonsPopping dance moves
Popping and locking dance style is another hip hop style that has gained lots popularity today. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer’s body, referred to as a pop or a hit. This style is perfect for those of you you who want to impress someone with sharp, robot-like movements. Popping style can be danced to many different songs but it is especially danced to dubstep music – which is electronic and perfectly fits this style.
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Hip Hop moves for kids
Learn hip hop dance with videos for kids in this section. While many moves fit both adults and kids, there are certain moves that will appeal to young adults. Our kids moves are a little bit simpler and easier to pick up so that you can start dancing right away. Lastly, the teaching is geared towards kids with emphasize on clean language and fun energy. Moves include “The crisscross”, “The snap step” and “Toe drag”. Learn kids hip hop steps from home today.
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Premium Hip Hop Dance Lessons (Products):

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Hip Hop Basics and Beyond Video Course
how to dance hip hopLearn the most popular hip hop dance moves in this video course. With 2+ hours of instruction you will learn each move individually in great detail. No experience necessary… Get a breakdown of the steps, arms and styling so you can master them and use these moves right away. Some of the moves included are “The James Brown”, “The Jerk” and “How to Dougie”. You can download it instantly or stream it online here on Learntodance.com.

Popping to Dubstep Video Course
hip hop dance lessonsLearn how to dance to dubstep. You will learn the most important popping dance moves which are used to express the awesome music of dubstep. From extreme robotics, moving in slow motion, warping, and vibrating to hit those wicked build ups to the drops. Learn everything you need to know to become an awesome freestyler in this dubstep dance tutorial. You can download it instantly or stream it online here on Learntodance.com.

Popular Breakdance Moves Video Course
Learn how to breakdance with this video course. You will learn 12 of the most popular Breakdancing moves including the 6-Step, Coffee Grinder, Swipes and more. Every beginner dancer will be able to pick up these moves in just a few minutes. Each move follows a very easy teaching system where the move is shown to music, then broken down step by step, then there are styling secrets, and lastly the instructor gives you slow drills and fast drills to make sure you can practice them right away.

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