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Hip Hop Basics & Beyond Videos
This hip hop video training is available as a download or a DVD. You can learn the most iconic Hip Hop moves of our time including Dougie, The Shuffle, Biz Markie, Stanky Leg, The Freak, and even the Moon Walk! These moves are broken down step by step. No experience necessary... no long and complicated routines. If you can account to 4 and follow simple instructions, then you can quickly become one of the best dancers in the club.

These free Hip Hop dance lessons will teach you the basic ideas of hip Hop dancing and get you started in the right direction. Popping and locking are good moves to learn for Hip hop dancing. Below are some video clips demonstrating the basics of both. It is also good to work on some stretching and cardio exercises to help you have the flexibility and stamina for dancing. As always consult a doctor before exercising.

These video clips use different players. You will be given all information about each clip before the download starts. Just click on the buttons below for download information.

Hip Hop Dancing Basics 101 is now available on DVD! Click here for details.




Hip Hop Basics 101

Beginner Hip Hop Routine

Intermediate Hip Hop Routine

Hip Hop Steps for Kids

How To Hip Hop Dance-Moving Like A Hip Hop Dancer

Hip Hop Heel Toe Flicks and Gliding.

Hip Hip MJ Step for Men

Hip Hop Moves for Men

Basic Hip Hop Timing.

The Crazy Pit Bull Dance

Basic Hip Hop Footwork Lesson Click Here

Basic Hip Hop Bounce Lesson Click Here

Click here for the Beyonce's popular hit "Single Ladies" Lesson

Michael Jackson's Best Moves

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