See It and Do It Rhumba

by Open British World Champion
Corky Ballas





  • See It and Do it - In this ground-breaking book, the charts are printed upside down! This enables the man to see and dance his steps, while the lady can see and dance her steps at the same time! See It - Do It.

  • Book Level is for all levels, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Professional Whether you're a student learning Rhumba for the first time or a seasoned professional competitor, I guarantee you will certainly find valuable information and tips that will help you both in learning to dance and, your dancing and teaching skills.

  • See It and Do It, these quick charts get to the point immediately clearing up a lot of confusion. I created this book to go along with our 60 videos as a quick reference. In fact, this new and improved style of learning to dance contains hundreds of photos! So letís See It and Do It.

  • Takes an easy, visual approach to teaching Rhumba. Over 500 photographs, guide you through the steps and positions quick and easy.

  • Works like a quick reference book - you look up what you need and get straight to work. A picture says a thousand words.

  • Based in London England and Houston Texas, Corky and Shirley Ballas, have won the most prestigious Competitive Latin Title in the world. They are Three Times Open To The World British Latin Championships, together they have
    held the following titles. 8 Times United States Champions, 3 Time British National Champions, United Kingdom Champions, European, 2 Times Star, 2 Times International Champions and Dual of the Giants Champion, amongst others.

  • The Ballasí have produced over 60 Videos on the subject of Latin American Dancing, from beginners to the advanced competing professionals. Their Videos have been translated into 6 other languages, and have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. They have taught all over the world, and train many of the top Juveniles, Juniors, Youths,
    Amateurs, and Professionals in the field of Latin American Dance. The Ballasí have also created a Passion Series of Compac Disc, with authentic Latin Music for dancing.

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