American smooth dance steps

American Smooth is the American equivalent of what is called International Standard or Ballroom in Europe. The dances include Waltz, Tango (not Argentine Tango), Foxtrot (also called SlowFox) and Viennese Waltz.

Compared to the International Standard however, it is not necessary to maintain contact at all times.

More about American Smooth Style:
The American Smooth Ballroom dance style is one of the best styles for social dancing. Because it is not required to stay in hold all the time, there is a lot more freedom of movement for both partners. Some notable figures include underarm turns, traveling chasses and changing of places. If you are performing in competitions there is a lot of technique involved and the arm and leg extensions are very pronounced.

American smooth dance lessons

Below you will find the basic step video lessons for three of the most poplar Smooth dances – The Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot. These videos are extremely detailed and break down the man’s steps, lady’s steps, the timing, lead and follow and even teach you some valuable technique.

Learn the basic step of the Slow Waltz:

The Waltz dance is one of the most popular Smooth dances and it is accentuated by what is called “rise and fall” – which is the bending and straightening of the knees. The box step is the main basic step of the Waltz and here is a video lesson for it.

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Learn the Tango basic step:

The Tango is another smooth dance that is characterized by very sharp, staccato steps. In this dance you must keep your knees bend the whole time and practice a kind of stalking walk from foot to foot. Here is the basic step video lesson. Be sure to only “Drag” the foot on the last count of this step.

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The Foxtrot Basic Step:

Here is the basic step of the Foxtrot. It consists of two walks and a side, close. The men go forward in this dance and the ladies go back.

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