Beginning-Intermediate Bronze American East Coast Swing


This instructional video covers all the popular East Coast swing steps.

Video Clip

Video approx. 90 min.
Instructors: Ron & Karla Montez
Syllabus Figures:
1) Basic
2) Basic Turning to the Right
3) Basic Turning to the Left
4) Throwout
5) Underarm Turn. Dance Demonstration - Figures 1 - 5
6) Underarm Release from Basic
7) Tuck - Ins, A) Handshake, B) Right to Left, C) Double Hand
8) Alternating Underarm Turns
9) Shoulder Check
10) Cradle.Dance Demonstration Figures 6 -10.
11) Cradle to Hammer Lock
12) Sugar Push Throw Out
13) Double Face Loop
14) Opposition Break & Roll Out
15) Whirlpool.Dance Demonstration Figures 11 -15

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